adam:ONE Security Gateway

Founded in 2014, the highest objective for ADAMNetworks has always been the development of advanced cyber security solutions that allow individuals and companies to interact both safely and simply online. 


In August of 2022, founder David Redekop showcased the culmination of these efforts when he presented a live demonstration of the adam:ONE Security Gateway at the BlackHat USA Conference in Las Vegas.  Since then, the adam:ONE firewall addition has become a trusted cybersecurity solution for small and large businesses, homes, schools, and home schools worldwide. 


In June 2024, after attending the InfoSecurity Europe conference in London, England, ADAMnetworks representatives Stan and  Steve joined some of our WyoSupport team to talk more about their product.

"One of our main vision points is that We Protect People."

Why was adam:ONE created? The adam:ONE security gateway was developed after founder David Redekop had an internet search go wrong while surfing websites at home with his 9 year old son.  Being well acquainted with the technology field, David searched for a firewall solution to protect his loved ones from malware and predatory content. After an exhaustive search, David realized that there wasn’t an acceptably secure solution for his family. 


So he created one. Stan pointed out during the podcast that, “at ADAMnetworks, one of our main vision points is that We Protect People.”  To this day, AdamNetworks chooses people over technology.

"We're gonna' SLAM that GATE closed."

What does adam:ONE do?  Unlike many other cyber security systems, adam:ONE responds in real time not only to recognize threats and “known bad” websites, but to categorize and filter all outgoing requests from the devices on the system.  Rather than “failing open” on websites that are not known to be safe, adam:ONE blocks access to those sites before an individual has the opportunity to open the system to potential malware attacks. And if an employee has inadvertently allowed a breach, adam:ONE prevents lateral movement in the network so that those holes can be detected and stopped without spreading to the entire network.


Steve explained it this way: “One of the analogies that we use is that of a paddock. . .a farmyard.  adam:ONE is the gate.  And right now [before adam:ONE], all of your “livestock”, all of your information and livelihood is just streaming through your gate because you’re failing open.  So basically, you didn’t lock the gate.  Everything is escaping.  It’s wide open. What ADAM does is we’re going to come in and we’re gonna’ SLAM that gate closed and we’re going to put the best darn farm gate you’ve ever seen on your paddock.  The second we do that, we’re going to find the other holes in your fence.”


Additionally, adam:ONE checks EVEN KNOWN SAFE sites and sites on the “allow list” to be sure that nothing has changed and they are still safe every time a user attempts to “open the gate” to an outside website.

"Disrupt your users for 10 minutes, or a ransomware attack is going to disrupt your whole life."

Where is the balance between usability and convenience and inconvenience and security?  Operating under a “fail open” system is decidedly a convenient option for anyone who surfs the internet.  But the sacrifice for instant access is a dangerously insecure network.  When you choose an adam:ONE Security Gateway system, you understand that security is on a spectrum with convenience on one end and security on the other.


When asked how he would respond to a frustrated employee who can’t access email links from their favorite potentially unsafe websites, Steve pointed out that it is easy to explain to an employee the risks associated with unknown websites, but it is incredibly difficult and to deal with a potentially catastrophic cyber attack on your systems.  In his words, “Disrupt your users for 10 minutes, or a ransomware attack is going to disrupt your whole life.”  That said, administrators on the adam:ONE account will always have the option to allow any sites that they want to the firewall’s “allow list.”

"People that actually need to get to the sites that are outside of the realm of the day to day have the ability to do it without impacting the rest of the users."

What if my employees need access to unknown websites that may or may not be safe?  The internet is a largely “unknown” space, and keeping track of every safe and unsafe website in real time is virtually impossible. The adam:ONE Security Gateway can be configured down to a “per device” or “per user” policy, ensuring that those who need access to potentially dangerous websites (members of your Research & Development team, for example) are separated from the rest of the network. 


Stan explains that, because of these “per devices” or “per user” policies, a network can be micro-segmented without actually micro-segmenting, and the  “people that actually need to get to the sites that are outside of the realm of the day to day have the ability to do it without impacting the rest of the users.”

"It's people that make this world special."

How can I learn more about getting adam:ONE in my home, school, or business?  Wyo Support is proud to be a licensed technology partner with ADAMnetworks in bringing the adam:ONE firewall to as many people as we can.  Like ADAMnetworks, Wyo Support believes that it’s people that make this world special and we are passionate about helping people to protect the people that they love and the technology that they depend on.