About Wyo Support

Real People and Timely Solutions.

If your technology doesn’t work, your business doesn’t work. Wyo Support understands that when you have a problem, you need real people and timely solutions, not automated messages or multiple-day wait times. At Wyo Support, an actual human will communicate with you every step of the way until you are back up and running.

Expertise that Evolves

At Wyo Support, tried-and-true solutions come together with leading-edge technology and hard work to create a uniquely customized technology solution for each and every client. Our technicians have experience with a wide variety of operating systems, networks, databases, and software. We use this expertise to help our customers with everything from small and routine maintenance projects to full IT builds, website development, and even staff training.  

It's All About You

Our goal is to provide an experience that is uniquely tailored to your company’s needs. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build. In taking the time to listen and get to know you first, we can then provide the tech recommendations that will serve you best.

Better Relationships. Better Options.

At Wyo Support, we are continuously building strong relationships with other industry experts. This allows us to present you with options and solutions that go above and beyond what any one company alone can offer.


After 21 years in business management, IT solutions, and customer service, John H. Keesling launched Wyo Support in January of 2021. He has personally installed and maintained hundreds of technology solutions (from single computers to full studio labs) in schools and businesses nationwide. He is an alumnus of the Technology Student Association and has served as a volunteer judge for TSA’s competitive student conference for over 2 decades.

John has served as the Vice President of Operations and Vice President of IT for other technology-focused companies, but he has found that his greatest passion is in getting to know the people behind the tech. John knows that in providing individualized, people-focused technology solutions, first-time customers become long-time clients and close friends. His focus on people means that he is as likely to be out on a service call as he is to be behind a management desk. If you’d like to talk directly with our founder, give us a call and ask for John. 


“Glad to be of service” is the Wyo Support way.