Wyo Support General Cybersecurity Policy

Security Maintenance Plan for Customers

Wyo Support tests backups and monitors equipment for updates & patches. Wyo Support provides on-site maintenance, maintains customer networks, helps staff members communicate safely via email, and helps businesses establish appropriate cloud size. Lastly Wyo Support provides cybersecurity training to customers upon request.

Your Info is Safe with Wyo Support.


Wyo Support uses password management software, so all passwords are tracked and stored securely. Passwords are accessible only by key personnel and by disaster recovery personnel. The wireless and networked equipment passwords are included. 

Patching & Security

All machines used by Wyo Support have antivirus software installed. All machines are continually patched, this includes firmware updates of networking equipment. The Wyo Support private wireless network is not visible for use by those outside of Wyo Support and its disaster recovery personnel. Sensitive payment and private information is kept in a secure location. External physical security walkthroughs, along with a checklist, are performed on a weekly basis. Office locking procedures are performed daily. 

Disaster Recovery

Electronic backups are in place for Wyo Support and tested regularly.

Financial and sensitive information can be recovered from secure locations. 

Wyo Support has an incident response plan in case of data breach.

Remote Access

Remote access is only available via virtual private networks and use of public WIFI is not permitted. 

Incident Response

If client info is stolen despite Wyo Support’s security efforts, then clients will be notified immediately. 

Wyo Support reserves the right to contact an attorney, an insurance agent, and law enforcement before notifying clients.